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Simple IQ Test Part 2 Released

We’ve just released Part 2 of the Simple IQ Test, you can give it a go here: http://simple-iq.com/part2/.

If you signed up for news from intelligence-test.net and don’t really know what simple-iq is – check out the original here: http://simple-iq.com.

A lot of you have been asking for answers to the intelligence tests, so, as always, we’re giving you the links to all the tests and answers, enjoy!

Tests: http://intelligence-test.net/
Answers: (don’t cheat, try to do your best before giving up and looking at the answers!) – Answers Part 1 | Answers Part 2 | Answers Part 3 | Answers Part 4 | Answers Part 5

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New Intelligence Test! Part 5 Online Now!

I have just received an email from Mensa. Have a read:

Hello faithful Intelligence Test follower, It’s that time again. That’s right – the new Intelligence Test is now online: Intelligence-Test Part 5.

We want to thank everyone that sent us emails. It was a bit overwhelming having to read and reply to so much mail. We`re in no way used to be so famous, but, hey, we`re internet superstars now! Seriously, though, thank you! We never thought our little tests would gather so many fans.

This new edition was definitely a lot easier to do, knowing how many of you are out there and enjoying what we do. The new, sixth, edition is already in the planning stages with all the amazing puzzles that we had to drop at the last minute. Of course, you never know when it will come out. Even we don`t know it. We`d have to concentrate to answer that question and we don`t really like to do that. It makes our heads hurt, so we just skip that part and say whatever comes to mind. Which pretty much explains the last couple of sentences. But we digress.

Until the time for the new part comes, you can enjoy the Fifth as well as all the other parts that made you love us so much.

That’s right! The one you’ve been waiting for, Part 5 is online now!

Post your answers and how many you were able to complete in the comments!

Intelligence Test Part 4 Solutions

Well, as people have requsted them, here are the solutions to Intelligence Test Part 4.

Intelligence Test Part 4 Solutions
1. 1024 B in a K 1024 Bytes in a Kilobyte
2. The S R of -1 is an I N The Square Root of -1 is an Imaginary Number
3. 666 is the N of the B 666 is the Number of the Beast
4. 12 N on a C 12 Numbers on a Clock
5. 4 C in the H H 4 Chambers in the Human Heart
6. 40 D of L 40 Days of Lent
7. 99 B of B on the W 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
8. 2 L in a S P of G 2 Lenses in a Standard Pair of Glasses
9. 12 D of J 12 Disciples of Jesus
10. 2 P in a D 2 Players in a Duet
11. S W and the 7 D Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
12. 2 S of a C 2 Sides of a Coin
13. 4 S in a D of C 4 suits in a Deck of Cards
14. 8 H in a R W D 8 Hours in a Regular Work Day
15. 150 P in the B 150 Psalms in the Bible
16. E S H M P N S with 555 Every Single Hollywood Movie Phone Number Starts with 555
17. 42 is the A to L, the U, and E 42 is the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything
18. 3 M T S – C, F and K 3 Major Temperature Scales – Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin

Fun Movie Quiz

A quiz to test your knowledge of movies.

Hi there! And welcome to our Fun Movie Quiz.

If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s brought to you by the same people that made the intelligence tests.

We certainly hope you will have as much fun solving it as we did making it.

It’s a gathering of movie stills, from some of our all time favorites. They are all over the place – from comedies to serious drama, from the late 1970s to 2005, from American to Japanese, to Japanese remade American to French…

If you do manage to solve them all you are officially a movie nerd.

We’re not joking. You’re a geek. Seriously, solving the whole thing should be near impossible as there are some really tricky ones, so if you manage, do send us a mail – we’d be sure to mail you back our annual “Wow, We’re Impressed” award.

This concludes our trying to be funny and sucking at it part. Scroll down for instructions and the actual quiz.

Fun Movie Quiz (Part 1)
Fun Movie Quiz (Part 2)
Fun Movie Quiz (Part 3)

Check it out!

Intelligence Tests Update: New Test Available and Part 4 Out Now!

Referring to last post about the Mensa Intelligence Tests, I have (yet again) received more emails informing me of Part 4.

Here is the first email:

Hello again, as we expected – Part4 of the intelligence test is a bit late :)

Anyways, here’s something new we’ve done:


It’s a simple IQ test – you have 38 questions to answer to 13 minutes with true or false.

Give it a go, it should be an entertaining experience …

Next week – Part 4, promised ! :)

Then as you would have guess, a week later, I got this email:

Hey there,

Part 4 of the Intelligence Tests is available.

If you want to give it a go – http://intelligence-test.net/part_4/

We hope you’ll find it fun and entertaining to do ….

As always – your feedback is welcome, and the answers – would be available in 2-3 weeks.



Well there you have it, Part 4. Get going!

Here are the solutions to part 4: Intelligence Test Part 4 Solutions.

Mensa Intelligence Tests Update, Part 4 Coming Soon…

I just recently received an email from Intelligence-Test.net.

Sorry for not hearing from us for so long. We were overwhelmed at work, and didn’t really have the time for an update …

Anyway – there we go:

Part 4 of the intelligence tests series will be available somewhere next week. In the mean time – we’re giving you the links to all of the previous tests and the answers (a lot of users requested the answers, so … there).

Part1 Test:

Part1 Answers:

Part2 Test:

Part2 Answers:

Part3 Test:

Part3 Answers:

As always, your comments will be appreciated and if you have any suggestions for the new (Part 4) quiz – send ’em in! :)

I will be looking forward to Part 4. Will you? Come on Mensa!

Intelligence Tests Update: New Test Available and Part 4 Out Now!

Intelligence Test Part 4 Solutions