Intelligence Test Part 5 Solutions

Before I give you the answers to Intelligence Test Part 5, I have to admit there were a few culturally biased questions. Examples include questions 5, 11, 12, 19. Others may also be considered.

WARNING: Spoilers to follow.

Solutions to Intelligence Test Part 5
1 5 P of I T 5 parts of intelligence tests
2 10 is 2 in B 10 is 2 in binary
3 X 360 xbox 360
4 800×600 S R 800×600 screen resolution
5 A B and the 40 T ali baba and the 40 thieves
6 6 Z in a M 6 zeros in a million
7 22 P on a F F 22 players on a football field
8 54 S on a R C 54 squares on a rubik’s cube
9 21 D on a S D 21 dots on a standard die
10 4 W in a M 4 weeks in a month
11 The 9 M The 9 Muses
12 12 D of J 12 disciples of jesus
13 The D to A C is A 4 L Y the distance to alpha centauri is approximately 4 light years
14 122 S in a C C B 122 Spaces in a Chinese Checkers Board
15 9/11 A 9/11 attacks
16 J has 62 M jupiter has 62 moons
17 4 L on a T 4 legs on a table
18 2 B on a P of S 2 blades on a pair of scissors
19 9 C of H in D I 9 circles of hell in dante’s inferno
20 7 L in the W L 7 letters in the word letters

As you can see, question 14 I have no solution for as of yet. So you can help me out. Thanks for your help RonaldM and Dread!

I cannot believe question 3 was XBOX 360. Is Microsoft sponsering this test or something and not everyone would have heard of it.


36 thoughts on “Intelligence Test Part 5 Solutions”

  1. i was asked in a resently what ‘2 D and LN is 1’ and ‘S WM A AP are in NF’ does anyone have any ideas??

  2. A few more for you
    12 D of C
    26 L in the A
    6 S on a G
    2 P in a H A
    The C of a C is P
    206 B in the H B
    C is O H in R N
    180 D in a S C
    5 S in the S C
    I might think of more later. enjoy these :)

  3. I think the one ending NF is based on the game you found it on. NF would probably be “Noob Forest” would be my guess. ;)

  4. I saw the one ending NF on Vaperida, not NF

    12 D of c = 12 Days of Christmas
    26 L in the A = 26 letters in the alphabet
    6 S on a G = Six Strings on a Guitar
    The C of a C is P = The circumference of a circle is pi
    180 D in a S C = 180 Degrees in a Semi Circle

  5. A of Z!!! S WM A AP are in NF

    im stumped, someone said it had something to do with “All of Zodiac” im not so sure. Any ideas?

  6. got it from a friend. A of Z S WM A AP are in NF is

    All of the Zodiac signs within Mars, Aries, and Apollo are in the Northern Field

    may be wrong

  7. They must have changed the question for number 14 it now says “121 S on a C C B” but it will not take the proper, correct response of “121 spaces on a chinese checker board.”

  8. Does not matter if it’s popular or not, it’s because it requires you to know read and write English. So cannot be generalised to the whole population.

    FYI, I never heard of it or read it.

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  11. All of these can have n*n answers. Like “180 D in a S C” could be 180 days in a south carolina. It could also be 180 dollars in a super carrerra. It could be all kind of shit. They must give a hint or put the question in some sort of context.

  12. There are several different types of tests that are developed to measure intelligence but professionals are beginning to question whether or not such a feat is even possible. Even though the intelligence quotient (IQ) tests are created to measure innate intelligence rather than experiential smarts, there are still many holes in the theory behind the practice. For example, what about people who have test anxiety or are perhaps not completely focused the day of the test?

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