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Simple IQ Test Part 2 Released

We’ve just released Part 2 of the Simple IQ Test, you can give it a go here: http://simple-iq.com/part2/.

If you signed up for news from intelligence-test.net and don’t really know what simple-iq is – check out the original here: http://simple-iq.com.

A lot of you have been asking for answers to the intelligence tests, so, as always, we’re giving you the links to all the tests and answers, enjoy!

Tests: http://intelligence-test.net/
Answers: (don’t cheat, try to do your best before giving up and looking at the answers!) – Answers Part 1 | Answers Part 2 | Answers Part 3 | Answers Part 4 | Answers Part 5

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Intelligence Test Part 5 Solutions

Before I give you the answers to Intelligence Test Part 5, I have to admit there were a few culturally biased questions. Examples include questions 5, 11, 12, 19. Others may also be considered.

WARNING: Spoilers to follow. Continue reading Intelligence Test Part 5 Solutions