Mensa Intelligence Tests Update, Part 4 Coming Soon…

I just recently received an email from

Sorry for not hearing from us for so long. We were overwhelmed at work, and didn’t really have the time for an update …

Anyway – there we go:

Part 4 of the intelligence tests series will be available somewhere next week. In the mean time – we’re giving you the links to all of the previous tests and the answers (a lot of users requested the answers, so … there).

Part1 Test:

Part1 Answers:

Part2 Test:

Part2 Answers:

Part3 Test:

Part3 Answers:

As always, your comments will be appreciated and if you have any suggestions for the new (Part 4) quiz – send ’em in! :)

I will be looking forward to Part 4. Will you? Come on Mensa!

Intelligence Tests Update: New Test Available and Part 4 Out Now!

Intelligence Test Part 4 Solutions


16 thoughts on “Mensa Intelligence Tests Update, Part 4 Coming Soon…”


    40 D of L = 40 Days of Lent
    99 B of B on the W = 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
    12 D of J = 12 Disciples of Jesus
    SW and the 7 D = Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    4 S in a D of C = 4 Suits in a Deck of Cards
    150 P in the B = 150 Psalms in the Bible
    E S H M P N S with 555 = Every Single Hollywood Movie Phone Number Starts with 555
    42 is the A to L, the U, and E = 42 is the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

  2. I got all but 2 P in a D and 2 L in a SP of G…I’m thinking G could be government or SP could be swimming pool…but have no idea. Help???

  3. me and my mates got 30/33 on the first one but the rest were well hard best we got was 16/24 on the second then just 12/20 on the 3rd and 11/18 on the 4th o well nice quizzes tho

  4. Answers to test #4

    1. 1024 bytes in a kilobyte.
    2. The square root of -1 is an imaginary number.
    3. 666 is the number of the beast.
    4. 12 numbers on a clock.
    5. 4 chambers in the human heart.
    6. 40 days of lent.
    7. 99 bottles of beer on the wall.
    8. 2 lenses in a standard pair of glasses
    9. 12 disciples of Jesus.
    10. 2 players in a duet.
    11. Snow White and the 7 dwarfs.
    12. 2 sides of a coin.
    13. 4 suits in a deck of cards.
    14. 8 hours in a regular work day.
    15. 150 psalms in the bible.
    16. Every single hollywood phone number starts with 555
    17. 42 is the number to life, the universe, and everything.
    18. 3 major temerature scales – celsius, Fahrenheit and kelvin.

  5. I have always considered myself a relatively intelligent person, at least that is what I’ve been told over the years. I left school at age 15, immediately entering full time employment. I never took the opportunity to go to college or get a university education. Instead, I preferred to teach myself about the world around me by reading books, learning from others and experimenting. Growing up I was never afraid of hard work and was always ready to demonstrate my commitment and abilities. By my mid twenties, I was becoming bored with my job and I came to the realization that it was my lack of formal education that seemed to be holding me back from progressing in my career. I felt this was extremely unfair given that I believed I was just as smart and capable, if not more so, than my fellow peers.
    My peers seemed to receive preferential treatment, getting all the promotion opportunities before I got a sniff at them. In other words, I was always at the back of the line. Growing increasingly frustrated, I frequently took my issues to my managers, trying to convince them that I was perfectly capable of progressing if given the chance… it was all to no avail.

    When I reached 25 years, people were joining the firm fresh out of university and were getting respected, paid far more and appeared to be enjoying much more success than I, both at work and in their personal lives. I was unhappy and dissatisfied by the way I was being treated, overcome by a feeling of total inadequacy. My personal life began to suffer as a result and I became depressed, I felt like a loser on the road to nowhere yet deep down I knew that how I was feeling towards myself was all wrong and so I decided to do something about my situation.

    I didn’t want to go through the motions of studying, writing essays and taking examinations to get a degree. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way devaluing anyone’s academic achievements, I greatly admire those who have achieved academic success, I just never felt it was for me.

    “I wanted to do something that took less time, something that I enjoyed, and ultimately, something that would make the world notice me and start taking me seriously.”

    Just like everyone else, I wanted to get ahead in life – I wanted to be noticed and I wanted people to realize that being intelligent and competent wasn’t reserved solely to those who had a university education. Indeed, some of the most successful people in the world never went to college or university.

    “I started thinking about what I could do to get myself off the road to nowhere and on to the road to success.”

    That’s when, while one day looking for IQ puzzles on the Internet that I could print out and take to occupy me for an upcoming train journey, that I stumbled upon the idea of taking the Mensa IQ test – excited and wondering whether this could be the answer to my situation, I began to investigate.

    At this point I did know what Mensa was and also knew that a lot of other people knew what it was too, but I had no idea of how widely regarded being a member of Mensa was, and, how challenging it was to actually pass the Mensa entrance test (Looking back I think this is why being a member of Mensa is significant and says something about you as a person. It is a significant achievement to become a member). I decided at that moment that I wanted to take the test.
    “I thought that if I could pass the Mensa test and become a member it would not only be a great boost to my confidence but also open doors in my life.”

    I booked myself to take the Mensa test and then set out, in my usual approach to challenges in life, looking for information that would help me prepare for taking the test and improve my chances of success – to me, failure wasn’t an option.

    There was a website that helped me dramatically with passing the mensa test. The website is:

  6. i read that and thought it was going to be inspirational, but alas it was an ad. thank you internet for again wasting my time, a guy you need maybe eq.

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