Intelligence Tests Update: New Test Available and Part 4 Out Now!

Referring to last post about the Mensa Intelligence Tests, I have (yet again) received more emails informing me of Part 4.

Here is the first email:

Hello again, as we expected – Part4 of the intelligence test is a bit late :)

Anyways, here’s something new we’ve done:

It’s a simple IQ test – you have 38 questions to answer to 13 minutes with true or false.

Give it a go, it should be an entertaining experience …

Next week – Part 4, promised ! :)

Then as you would have guess, a week later, I got this email:

Hey there,

Part 4 of the Intelligence Tests is available.

If you want to give it a go –

We hope you’ll find it fun and entertaining to do ….

As always – your feedback is welcome, and the answers – would be available in 2-3 weeks.


Well there you have it, Part 4. Get going!

Here are the solutions to part 4: Intelligence Test Part 4 Solutions.


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