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Simple IQ Test Part 2 Released

We’ve just released Part 2 of the Simple IQ Test, you can give it a go here: http://simple-iq.com/part2/.

If you signed up for news from intelligence-test.net and don’t really know what simple-iq is – check out the original here: http://simple-iq.com.

A lot of you have been asking for answers to the intelligence tests, so, as always, we’re giving you the links to all the tests and answers, enjoy!

Tests: http://intelligence-test.net/
Answers: (don’t cheat, try to do your best before giving up and looking at the answers!) – Answers Part 1 | Answers Part 2 | Answers Part 3 | Answers Part 4 | Answers Part 5

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Intelligence Test Part 5 Solutions

Before I give you the answers to Intelligence Test Part 5, I have to admit there were a few culturally biased questions. Examples include questions 5, 11, 12, 19. Others may also be considered.

WARNING: Spoilers to follow. Continue reading Intelligence Test Part 5 Solutions

New Intelligence Test! Part 5 Online Now!

I have just received an email from Mensa. Have a read:

Hello faithful Intelligence Test follower, It’s that time again. That’s right – the new Intelligence Test is now online: Intelligence-Test Part 5.

We want to thank everyone that sent us emails. It was a bit overwhelming having to read and reply to so much mail. We`re in no way used to be so famous, but, hey, we`re internet superstars now! Seriously, though, thank you! We never thought our little tests would gather so many fans.

This new edition was definitely a lot easier to do, knowing how many of you are out there and enjoying what we do. The new, sixth, edition is already in the planning stages with all the amazing puzzles that we had to drop at the last minute. Of course, you never know when it will come out. Even we don`t know it. We`d have to concentrate to answer that question and we don`t really like to do that. It makes our heads hurt, so we just skip that part and say whatever comes to mind. Which pretty much explains the last couple of sentences. But we digress.

Until the time for the new part comes, you can enjoy the Fifth as well as all the other parts that made you love us so much.

That’s right! The one you’ve been waiting for, Part 5 is online now!

Post your answers and how many you were able to complete in the comments!