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Google This Week (26/11/2008)

googleGmail now has themes.

Google Chrome gains a bookmark manager.

Google SearchWiki Launched

Google Maps Has a New Interface

Google SketchUp 7 Released

Lively Will Be Discontinued

YouTube Experimenting With 720p HD Video and Now At 16:9 Aspect Ratio


Microsoft Pro Photo Tools (v2), Windows Search 4.0 and Windows Installer 4.5 Released!

The Pro Photo Tools allow you to add, change, and delete common metadata properties for digital photographs. You can place photos on the Live Earth map and then drag them to the right location. The GPS information will be stored back into the photos. If you have a GPS device, can load track route files from the most popular formats (NMEA, GPX, and KML) and see them on the map. Then you can place your photos on the track route. Again, the GPS info will be stored into your file. When you have the right GPS location for your photos, you can automatically generate location info like country, state, city and even street names. Or if you know the location where a picture was taken, you can type it in and get the GPS location information automatically.

More Information: Microsoft Pro Photo Tools
Download: Microsoft Pro Photo Tools version 2 [Validation Required]
Homepage: Microsoft Professional Photography

Windows Search 4.0 lets you perform an instant search of your computer. Windows Search 4.0 helps you find and preview documents, e-mail messages, music files, photos, and other items on the computer. Continue reading Microsoft Pro Photo Tools (v2), Windows Search 4.0 and Windows Installer 4.5 Released!

Eureka! Your own search engine has landed!

From the Official Google Blog:

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could easily build a search engine on your blog or website tailored to the topics and areas you know and love the most? You’re not alone if you’d like that — we’ve heard from partners large and small, and users across the web who want access to the Google search platform, and want to customize and make it their own.

We’re thrilled to tell you that the search for your own search engine is over. Today we are launching the Google Custom Search Engine. As you might imagine, it’s a simple and straightforward product to use and understand. In a matter of minutes you can create a search engine that reflects your knowledge and interests; looks and feels like your own; and, if you choose, you can make money from the traffic you receive through Google’s AdSense program. You can even invite your friends and trusted community members to add to and help build your search engine.

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Create your own search engine!

Try Google’s New Layout!

I know this may be old, but here it goes.

Google has been working on a new interface or layout for quite some time now. Quite a few users have reported seeing the layout but could not replicate it on other computers.

I have known about this interface for long time, but forgot about it. Recently this new interface just came up when I did a search on Google. I actually liked it, not for the design, but the speed of the page loading. Then what happened was I accidentally deleted my cookies using CCleaner, and it was gone.

I have now got it back, and this is how I did it:

  • First, navigate to the Google homepage of your choice, e.g. google.com, google.co.uk.
  • Then, copy this entire code (below) to the address bar, change the domain at the end to what ever you are using and press enter/go.
  • Finally, SEARCH!

Here is the code (make sure you remove the line breaks):

The code no longer works.