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Follow me on Twitter

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting much. This is mainly because I started micro-blogging on Twitter. I find it faster, easier and simpler.

So follow me on twitter: @sonu27. I still will be posting on WordPress.com, but only major stories of great interest to me.

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Happy New Year 2008!


This blog will be two years old on the 9th of January.

I have created a brand new forum (powered by Invision Power Board). Everyone is welcome to join and please invite your friends. Please post your feedback and suggestions. I am still adding new stuff e.g. forum categories.

Amarjeet Rai Forums

Other stuff of mine you might be interested in is listed here: Bookmarks.

The Power of Digg, Even Though I Was Not Digged!

As you may know I do not post a lot of articles on my blog, and that means the page views are also low; about 120 average. That is due to me being quite busy with college and other stuff.

I usually check my blog statistics, and when I checked today I noticed a huge peak out of nowhere (October 12th). What ever could it be? When I looked at the referers, I saw digg with 369 views. So I clicked the link and it took me to this page. My page was not even digged. But it was simply one comment. By the way, this is the highest number of pages views I have had, to this date!

Here you have witnessed a small part of Digg’s power, imagine if I had actually got digged/dugged. Damm.

Are are some images you might want to check out:

Daily Blog Stats for my Blog (with the peak)
Blog Stats for Amarjeet Rai’s Blog

Blog Stats for October 12th my Blog (all details)
Blog Stats for Amarjeet Rai’s Blog on 12th October

New “Add To” Buttons on this Blog

Here are the new “Add To” Buttons, with these buttons you can add my blog to your favourite services (below).













Clicking the buttons on the side will add my feed to the desired service. The images above do NOT have the links. Only on the sidebar.

UPDATE: I have decided to use one button instead, that should offer all these including more.