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Happy New Year 2008!


This blog will be two years old on the 9th of January.

I have created a brand new forum (powered by Invision Power Board). Everyone is welcome to join and please invite your friends. Please post your feedback and suggestions. I am still adding new stuff e.g. forum categories.

Amarjeet Rai Forums

Other stuff of mine you might be interested in is listed here: Bookmarks.


Happy New Year 2007!

Happy New Year 2007!

To kick-off 2007, Paul Thurrott has completed his Windows Vista RTM review.

Have a read:

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Vista Product Editions
Part 3: Installing Windows Vista
Part 4: The Vista Experience
Part 5: Windows Vista Features
   User Interface Features
   Security Features
   Performance Features
   Reliability Features
   Internet Features
   Bundled Applications
   Digital Media Features
   Networking Features
   Mobility Features
   Other Features
Part 6: Compatibility
Part 7: Where Windows Vista Fails
Part 8: Wrapping Up