Completly Uninstall and Remove Bonjour Service and Files (mDNSResponder.exe, mdnsNSP.dll) for Windows

Bonjour LogoBonjour, also known as zero-configuration networking, enables automatic discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks. Bonjour uses industry standard IP protocols to allow devices to automatically discover each other without the need to enter IP addresses or configure DNS servers.

If you’ve installed software such as iTunes by Apple, the chances are there’s already a Bonjour folder in your Program Files. This service starts automatically and runs a process named mDNSResponder.exe which cannot be killed by Windows Task Manager. If you do not want Bonjour to be on your computer and want to uninstall it, sometimes you can’t find any uninstaller for it! Even if you go to Control Panel’s Add or Remove Program, you can’t find the uninstaller there as well.

Here’s how to safely uninstall and remove the Bonjour service and files (mDNSResponder.exe and mdnsNSP.dll). Just follow the few simple steps below to remove Bonjour from your computer.

Update 2013/12/31: Newer versions of Bonjour can just be uninstalled from “Programs and Features” (Add/remove programs). However, each time you update iTunes you have to remove it again.

Warning: iTunes and some other programs need Bonjour to function. If you use these programs, do NOT remove Bonjour!

NOTE: Make sure you have administrator privileges before executing these commands. You might have to delete the quotes and input them manually, because is outputting them as smart quotes.

  1. Go to [Start > Run] and type the following command and hit OK.
    • “%PROGRAMFILES%\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe” -remove
  2. Go to [Start > Run] again and type the following command and hit OK.
    • regsvr32 /u “%PROGRAMFILES%\Bonjour\mdnsNSP.dll”

After you restart, you can safely delete the Bonjour folder without errors.

To know if you have actually uninstalled Bonjour. Open services.msc and see if there is a service similar to: “##Id_String2.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762##”. If it is not there, then it has been uninstalled. But the folder and files remain in the program files folder. Just in case you want to install it again.

If you encountered problems after uninstalling or removing Bonjour, you can download and reinstall Bonjour. [Download Bonjour for Windows]


217 thoughts on “Completly Uninstall and Remove Bonjour Service and Files (mDNSResponder.exe, mdnsNSP.dll) for Windows”

  1. Hi Amarjeet,

    I have tried this twice to remove the Bonjour service from my computer. Each time it tampered with my TCP/IP settings, so I ended up with no internet connection. I am running Windows XP, so I was able to restore my previous settings.
    As for now I have disabled the service in Control panel, until hopefully somebody will come up with a solution to remove this stubborn service without negative after effects.
    If you have any other ideas besides the ones mentioned above, please do tell. :-)
    Thanks in advance….

    1. Hi Amarjeet
      There are some programs that, I think, are deliberately made near impossible to uninstall. I recently discovered a brilliant uninstaller that not only forces uninstall, but searches the whole system for traces of the program – and erases them.
      Download Revo Uninstaller and save yourself headaches !!

      1. FYI, the Revo Uninstaller did not completely uninstall the McAfee anti-virus software that was installed for a trial period on my new laptop. I had to call McAfee tech support for a walk-through uninstall. Took the better part of a half-hour.

      1. I’ve never met such a g*d da*n motherf* c *ing b*t*c as big of one as you you fu**ing d**k

      2. Well the jerk is gone and Apple still hasn’t fixed thisproblem. Wonder who has to croak next for Apple to knock this shyte off.

    2. C:/programfiles/bonjour


      just do simple rename both files like this and then shift+delete


  2. For everyone out there, who is still struggling to remove this service, here is the fix:

    I have tried it and it works. The only thing I did differently, I deleted the Bonjour folder in ‘Safe Mode’, because it wouldn’t let me do it any other way. From my experience I am concluding, that the application ‘LSPFix’, which I downloaded before I made changes, is the actual remedy to the problem. It repairs Winsock 2 by removing the LSP module ‘mdnsNSP.dll from Winsock 2.

    Once you have done this all, go into the registry – if you are comfortable with it – and clean out all traces of ‘Bonjour’. You will be surprised how many there are.

    Good luck!

    1. Sorry, according to my conversations with both Adobe and Apple, the solution presented in this article is correct. The solution at is not correct.

      The difference is this author correctly shows the command to “unregister” the ddl in the Bonjour directory. Before doing anything like renaming the file, rebooting, and then deleting the file as the other site says, you must be away this will not correct the associated registry key. In fact, they suggest you manually edit the key later.

      By first unregistering the dll, the registry will be automatically updated. (Some installations of iTunes will place an extra dll in the directory; if so, unregister it as well) Reboot and then delete all the Bonjour files and directory. Bon Voyage, Bonjour!

    2. i have the fix! You need to click this link use winrar to extract just the Bonjour.msi file , now right clock on the bonjour extract it to desktop.

      you will get the network unavailble thing, click browse then desktop, click the bonjour desktop icon, then ok. when it says repair or remove click repair. then install itunes. It will let you install the new version without the error.


      1. Grrrrr, the great ‘fix’ has been removed! Nice job Apple. I’m having one heck of time here and would just love to have been able to repair this, not just removed it!

        So, I’ll read further and maybe Google around if necessary. Obviously this is the bugger that has been reeking havoc with my computer (probably my desktop as well! Darn.

  3. Thanks G. Stender. I am glad the other method works for you.

    I didn’t have any problems with the first method but this could be because I’m using Windows Vista. I just wish users had a choice before installing any services. I hate programs that install services unless they are absoulty crucial.


    1. Hi Amarjeet, you mentioned that iTunes needs Bonjour to work. How will uninstalling it affect iTunes as I use iTunes and an iPod but want to uninstall Bonjour as it sucks. Thanks…

  4. Thanks for the link,

    This program is getting blocked by my Hardware (smoothwall) and killing my connection.

    Firstly i can’t belive Adobe got sucked in by Apple i hate Itunes don’t get me wrong ipod are a ok peace of kit but the requirement for itune is just a recourese waister

    Bonjour is killing peoples connections i would like to see it come up in trend or nortons malicious software lists

    1. Ha, connection problem as well? Ta da, that’s what I’m sitting here working on…..duh. Ok, taking this damn little monkey out of here right now. What’s with Apple not repairing this and putting out the repair fix to everyone!????

  5. For anyone out there, I am running AVG, and I get a couple of codes that come up as changed. After the check is completed the system is “clean”. What’s up with it?
    Hope is no new or hard to kill bug.
    The codes:
    will appreciate any imput

  6. It could mean those files were changed. But if everything works fine, it shold be ok.

    For the hosts file, I think this entry was added:
    ::1 localhost

    Open the file in Wordpad or Notepad and delete that line.

    I’m not sure of the changes it made to shell32.dll. Try searching Google.

  7. thanks man, appreciate a bunch/will give it a try and will post results later, sorry for the delay on coming by and checking for feed back

  8. I see I’m following a well traveled path. I noticed the Bonjour service (aka MDNSRESPONDER) this morning and found it was not “killable”. It was however easy to disable with WinPatrol. This handy utility provides a lot of info about running tasks and their affinities. Lets you take control FAST at a high level, and defer (or avoid altogether) all the rooting around in control panel. I’ve used it to identify and remove several lingering services and tasks that refused to go away, including symantec’s. Provides the option to set a manual start on startup tasks until a decision is made about keeping or removing a service. Come to think of it, I told WinPatrol to let the task install and run in the first place. Should have done my homework first. Cheers.

  9. Seems like Apple safari Bonjour for windows since 2 versions works the uninstaller whitch comes with it. No files left after uninstall bonjour with its deinstallation

  10. I had a problem with deleting the Program Files and folder after removing the msnsNSP.dll from autostart files.

    Antivirus, system event logging stopped and had to do a sytem restore.

    anyone else get this problem

  11. I used the un-installer placed in windows control panel…seems to have eliminated this process without causing the issues others have had/

  12. I get a Windows error when I try to remove Bonjour as you directed (I pasted the string in): ‘Windows cannot find: “C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe” –remove’ Even when I hit ‘Browse’ and locate it (exactly as the string indicates!)
    This is a pesky program–any other suggestions?

  13. That is because they are the wrong quote I believe Wordpres converted them to smart quotes automatically.

    Delete the quotes and type them in manually.

    “C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe” –remove

  14. i got another way to get rid of it too, try to use Unlocker ( to then unlock any process connected to it, then its easily can be deleted :)
    this tool also works for files/folders in windows that sometimes forbidden to be deleted,

    hope helps

    1. Hi Folks, don’t know if anyone is still reading this thread but; I too was disturbed by having this “Bonjour” crap on my PC, tried several ways to get rid of it, including, but not limited to, those listed here. Every time it killed my network adapter. Downloaded Unlocker from “” and used it to kill and delete the processes running the dll. Bonjour is now gone, yeah, and I can still connect.

  15. How do you get rid of the id string that is left behind in the services.msc screen. I have followed the steps and the service is stopped. I removed the folder from the Program Files without a problem. But how do you clean it off completely.

  16. hi, by removing the Bonjour Service, will there be any known complications with the software? IE: Photoshop, premiere, itunes etc? Or is it a ‘service’ that is completely unneeded?


  17. @Julio
    Just run the command above and it should remove the service as well. But if you deleted the files, before running the command, you’re going to have to remove the service manually using hijackThis.

    I would say it is not needed.

    IE and Photoshop CS3 work fine.

    But I don’t have the iTunes or Premiere to test them.

  18. This thing is really annoying because before itunes 7.7 I didn’t need it but now if I want to network my music library I need it and it is saying it is on a network resource that is unavailable. So I am just trying to remove it so I can re-install it. What a pain!!

  19. Bhai ji,

    I disabled the Bonjour Service and mDNSResponder.exe does not run. Unfortunately, I use Adobe Acrobat, CS3 and iTunes, so it becomes a necessary evil that can be Disabled, but not eliminated.

    H. Kaur

    1. Amarjeet,

      I am here because something is interfering with new 2015 Adesk Suite install, and because I still use CS3 and understand it benefits from Bonjour. But long b4 this, Bonjour has most always become a pita. Like stated by others it hooks into other progs. I realize Bonjour is otherwise necessary for iTunes and is reputable… but why the hell does it’s entry in my Services List have to look like like some second rate gd trojan?



      Try tying “Coder” into Google. Maybe you (Apple) will find some worthy resumes.

  20. Hi Amarjeet,

    I have tried a couple of times to remove the Bonjour service from my computer. Each time I got an error message “service failed (5)” after the “C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe” –remove command.
    I use Photoshop CS3 under Vista Professional 32 bit.
    Thanx for your help.


  21. I followed your instructions to uninstall Bonjour, the first step ran OK, the second, regsvr32 failed with the error message “LoadLibrary(“c:\program files\bonjou\mdnsNSP.dll”) failed – The specified module could not be found.”, however when I go to the directory, the file is there! What seems to be the problem; or did the uninstall work?

    Thank you,


  22. To know if you have actually uninstalled Bonjour. Open services.msc and see if there is a service similar to: “##Id_String2.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762##”

    If it is not there, then it has been unistalled. But the folder and files remain in the program files folder. Just incase you want to install it again.

  23. I too was unable to remove the program from the command prompt. Then I remembered I installed a free uninstaller called REVO UNINSTALLER. It is absolutely free to download and use with no spy or adware. You may want to try it if you have problems with the other methods. It even gets the registry entries. You determine the level of removal desired. Apple had no business sending this out with the iTunes update without the option to refuse to install it.

  24. Please disregard the removal of Bonjour posted above using Revo Uninstaller. iTunes will not function because it cannot find Bonjure and is asking for a reload of the software. I restored to a previous point and removed the entire program. I am downloading 4.9 and reinstalling iTunes. Sorry.

  25. Hi, I wanna thank the person who posted this, I have followed the instructions and all seems well – as of now, I have yet to restart. There is one step that the post forgets to mention though… Before you can unregister the dll you must STOP THE SERVICE. So… go to your administrative tools, look for the funky service (should be one of the first ones on the list as it has unusual characters in its name i.e. “#”) double click and click on stop service. For good measure I also changed the startup type to “disabled”. I’ll be restarting soon so I hope for the best!

    Will try to remember to post the end product of my own little test. Bye then :)

  26. If Microsoft installed a stubbon pain-in-the-ass program like this without the user’s permission and with no practical way to remove it, the Dept of Justice would be up their butts in a heartbeat. As soon as I find an alternative to my iPod, I’ll be dumping i-friggin-tunes, setting that i-friggin-pod on fire and sending the charred remains to Steve Jobs with a nasty letter.

  27. My online security system, Embarq, picks up on Bonjour at least once a week. I didn’t know what it was, but kept telling it to accept the program. I also use iTunes. Do I need Bonjour in order to run iTunes? Will it mess anything up if I uninstall it?

  28. hey, i stopped the bonjour service first, and after i delete the mDNSResponder.exe file BUT i cant delete the .dll file, i tried everything, and at the end how can i delete this file?

  29. This bonjour app is so annoying!

    regsvr32 /u c:\PROGRA~1\Bonjour\mdnsNSP.dll

    I used the above command in the command prompt -> start -> run -> cmd

    in my winxp sp3 and it works. Hope this help others

  30. Hi.

    I’m using Windows XP SP2. I used Revo Uninstaller to remove iTunes 8 but it didn’t remove Bonjour, which left these two files behind. After ending the processes, I was able to manually delete mDNSResponder.exe but couldn’t delete mdnsNSP.dll. I tried your suggestion of, regsvr32 /u “%PROGRAMFILES%\Bonjour\mdnsNSP.dll, but that didn’t work and I got an error message.

    Finally, using a free program called Unlocker, I was able to delete it. I right-clicked on it, clicked “Unlock All”, then closed Unlocker. After that, I was able to delete “mdnsNSP.dll” just fine.

    Unlocker is designed for a situation like this where a file won’t let you delete it. If anyone is interested, here is the site:

    Hope this helps.

  31. Ok, the easiest way I’ve seen to bypass this piece of crap, was to extract the itunes.exe using 7 zip or winrar.

    Delete the Bonjour.msi from the list and install.

    Saved my ass from installing it.

    It may be possible on Adobe’s products as well.

    Too bad I have an Ipod, or else Itunes wouldn’t be on this PC.

  32. Thanks for this piece. So sick of services being installed without my knowledge. Followed your doc and quickly nuked this one.

  33. Hi, guys. I have a big question. I just recently got an Ipod touch and was updating to itunes 8. Everything was going good until it reached the process in which it said it couldnt delete bonjour. Bonjour is in my add/remove programs but it is not on the computer??? I couldnt find any files mentioned? PLEASE HELP!

  34. Hi everyone, may i know why I have to remove Bonjour from my laptop. what’s the negative effect for this service. Just a month ago, I cannot show hidden files from Folder Optiions menu, except if I would use ACDSEE browser. I dont know if the Bonjour has to do about it? Tnx.

  35. “The older version of Bonjour cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group”.

    This message keep coming wheather i try to update or remove any new programe, even Bonjour. i don’t understand what is this, any one can help?


  36. i got an update on my itunes one day, so i updated. when i got 3/4 into finishing updating my itunes my bonjour file (bonjour.msi) file is missing. the entire file is gone. now i cant open my itunes & put music into my ipod becouse of it. i need help here, because this is gettin ridiculous.

    1. Hi Asia,
      You have to completely Uninstall Bonjour, then Reinstall it.
      If you have problems Uninstalling it, E me.

  37. I have unisntalled Itunes, and have deleted any files I found with Bonjour. Bonjour still shows up in my Add/remove programs but when I try to remove it it says

    “The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.”

    I have read this entire string and so much of the solutions are over my head. UGH!!! I don’t know what
    “I used the above command in the command prompt -> start -> run -> cmd” means, do I type CMD when IO get to the run and then type the regsvr32 /u c:\PROGRA~1\Bonjour\mdnsNSP.dll ??

    Any help would be great.


  38. Since yesterday, Bonjour was automately updated and I cannot connect to the internet anymore (this message is from anoyher way). I went back to a recovery point of two days before in my PC. And guess what? Everything was as two days before except Bonjour of yesterday (files of 27/4/09 were still there)

  39. I have stopped service, removed folder etc but Bonjour still appears on my Add/Remove programs – what kind of a joke program is this? Please help!!!!!!!!!1

  40. 1. Used Revo to unistall Quick time but not itunes. I know not smart.
    2. Used windows unistaller to uninstall Itunes; didn;t work. Froze laptop. Shut down by pulling battery and plug
    3. Used Revo to unistall Bonjour, now nothing works
    4, Uninstalled Revo.

    No internet connection. Cannot do system restore,
    Internet connection on other machines through same router.

    Question: How do I reset setting on laptop to get internet connection back

    1. You did not use Revo properly. It’s a magical program that I used to get rid of everything that I couldn’t previously uninstall.
      E.G. An application was filepathed back to Program Files. Start/Control Panel/Add Remove coundn’t work as the app was not listed in the Program Files.
      Start/Computer/C Drive/Program Files showed the app !?!? – but I was not able to delete it !
      No matter what I did, couldn’t delete it and three more.
      Then I discovered Revo Uninstaller. Now I have no un-uninstallable apps in my Program Files !

  41. I tried everything to get rid of Bonjour and nothing worked until I tried Revo Unistaller which allowed me to view the Bonjour folder and delete it, which could not be found before. Magic programme which allowed me to update iTunes.

  42. I have the same problem as Roger L, 2 weeks ago i installed itunes and my wireless connection stop function, I have all this DNS problems… I need help urgent…!! I’m traveling and i can’t use internet!!!!

    Please tell me what to do!?? :S

    No internet connection. Cannot do system restore,
    Internet connection on other machines through same router.

    Question: How do I reset setting on laptop to get internet connection back

  43. I have this service on my computer, but don’t know how I got it.

    I haven’t installed anything by Apple or Adobe ever except Acrobat Reader. Any other programs that install this piece of crap?

    Also, Would a service like this be able to install if you did not have Admin Rights on your Computer?

  44. I figured out what I installed that got this on my computer,

    I installed Tivo Desktop and my company also had us install
    Skype, both programs use this service.

    Here’s a list of other programs that use this:

    Adobe Systems Creative Suite 3, Proteus, Adium, Fire, Pidgin, Skype, Vine Server, Elgato EyeTV to share local recordings with multiple clients, the Gizmo Project to find other users on the local network, TiVo Desktop to find digital video recorders and shared media libraries, SubEthaEdit to find document collaborators, and Contactizer to find and share contacts, tasks and events information. Additionally it is used by Safari to find local web servers and configuration pages for local devices, and by Asterisk to advertise telephone services along with configuration parameters to VoIP phones and dialers.

    Can we delete the service after the programs have found the other devices? Like with Tivo Desktop, once it has found the Tivo recorder, can the service then be disabled?

  45. So. . . does this mean that if I DO have iTunes, and I DO have an iPod, that I need to keep Bonjour on my PC?

    Otherwise, sounds like it allows access to my computer from the outside, by programs and people of whom I am unaware.

    –Seems like everyone trying to delete Bonjour does not have use iTunes.

  46. can not charge or update iphones and touch ipodswhat can i do ihave 5 inal 2phones 3 ipod touches

  47. After installing iPlayer I now find my computer is infested by Bonjour. The whole iTunes/iPlayer setup turns out to be of little use to me. It has a few jazz albums, but I have no interest in downloading or organising pop music, and there is just one video album of any interest to me. I do not own an iPod and do not intend to get one. I don’t need any of the facilities which Bonjour apparently provides.

    If managing to get rid of Bonjour kills iPlayer, I would shed few tears. Could someone please tell me if this is the case?

    Am I right in thinking that uninstalling the iPlayer software will NOT remove Bonjour despite its having installed it in the first place?

    Can it be disabled by renaming the extension of MDNSRESPONDER.EXE? Presumably simply deleting it doesn’t work?

    At present I’m using AVG Firewall to block Bonjour Service from establishing any UDP connection. It wants to contact : 5353.

    I am glad that I have very few dealings with Apple if they are capable of installing something resembling a virus in the way it spreads throughout a system without giving any warning or requesting consent.

  48. Further to the above, blocking Bonjour Service DOES disable iTunes/iPlayer. While some of the above posts are truly terrifying, I’ve not AS YET suffered any detectable net access or wireless link problems, so for the moment I’m inclined to leave things as they are.

    I use Opera, not Internet Explorer. Could that be something to do with my not having any problems?

    However, I still very much dislike having something as problematic as this installed on my system without my knowledge, let alone without my consent. In future I’ll think very carefully before installing ANYTHING which originated with Apple.

    1. When I was uninstalling iTunes, i found that my internet security settings had somehow mysteriously changed to allow remote access requests from outside to bypass my firewall. I’d had that setting blocked for security reasons, something had changed it.


      These Apple-installed services have been very active on my PC, the Apple site says that Bonjour is only used by iTunes to discover remote network printers … I don’t have a printer connected, and from the activity levels I’ve been seeing, I don’t particularly believe Apple that that’s what’s happening.

      If Bonjour changes your internet security settings, and it’s also installed by Adobe, we know that Adobe somehow gets PCs to scan PCs, and phone home and pass the data back (even installing some of their demo software results in regular “phoning home” behaviour), so … is Bonjour the component that modifies the firewall permission settings, masterminds the collection of data and passes it back to the programmers’ preferred site?

  49. Hey so I have tried almost everything you guys have said, to try and find and disable. Yet I can not find any evidence of the program being installed. There is no program file for it and when I search for the bonjour.msi file to update itunes I can’t locate it and it exits the install. So I have now uninstalled itunes and can’t reinstall it because I don’t have bonjour.msi. Please help

  50. I copy & pasted from your web site and the DLL was not removed below is my paste. I removed mDNSResponder.exe with a keyboard delete after your method did not function. How can I delete mdnsNSP.dll?

    regsvr32 /u “%PROGRAMFILES%\Bonjour\mdnsNSP.dll”

  51. Bonjour came to my machine by way of plugging in an external USB hard drive (the Seagate 1.5 TeraByte “Expansion” drive). Seagate in their less than infinite wisdom uses the Bonjour service to make the “Expansion” drive a plug in and ready to run drive (other drives such as their “FreeAgent” drive sometimes required a bit of finagaling in the Computer Management part of the Control Panel for the computer to see the drives). Right now I’ve left it installed, but block it from accessing the internet by ZoneAlarm.

  52. For people running 64bit you need to add (x86)

    The run commands should look like this:

    “%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe” -remove

    regsvr32 /u “%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Bonjour\mdnsNSP.dll”

  53. This worked perfectly on a Windows 7 installation. Bonjour kept forcing a default gateway of which was messing up my DHCP configuration! Thanks!

  54. I’m running on a Swedish Win7 64bit and i can’t get those command’s to work, do i type them in start -> Run or Start -> Run -> cmd ?

    And the Bonjour folder is located in C:\Program (x86) not “Program Files”

    I’ve no idea how the correct comman’s should be on my computer

    “C:\Program (x86)\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe” –remove
    Doesn’t work either

  55. Same thing everyone seems to have prob with getting
    rid of Bonjour. My Tunes is gone and now I am told
    I need to have Quick also. I went to run and tried all
    possable…no luck.New to computer but still want to get rid of Bonjour and get my Tunes back…
    Any help?

  56. hey there, i have the same problem with the Bonjour Service. I have tried many things and cannot get it to work. I have never encountered this problem before on my previous laptop which was vista (i am now running on Windows 7) also i am getting an iPhone soon so it is pretty useless if i don’t have iTunes. Help me out please!

    I tried to follow these: – 1. Go to [Start > Run] and type the following command and hit OK.
    * “%PROGRAMFILES%\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe” -remove
    2. Go to [Start > Run] again and type the following command and hit OK.
    * regsvr32 /u “%PROGRAMFILES%\Bonjour\mdnsNSP.dll”

    … but they didn’t work.
    Very desperate

    1. Hi Kyle,
      I suspect that when you deleted the Bonjour folder and files, you also deleted (within the files) a component necessary for uninstallation of Bonjour. So now you can’t uninstall Bonjour as normal, and I suspect you won’t be able to Reinstall it either as when you try the system will see that Bonjour already exists – but in such a state that it cannot be updated (no files to update). Therefore the update/upgrade/download will fail.
      It may be the case that the Bonjour Application does not appear in Program Files if you go:Start/Control Panel/Uninstall a Program. But will be found if you go: Start/Computer/C:/Program Files.
      ………………………………………………………………………Download Revo Uninstaller from :
      Install it. Run it and use it to uninstall Bonjour and all traces relating to Bonjour. It may also be best to configure your action using the filepath of Bonjour.

  57. When I tried to update my iTunes, it said that Bonjour wasn’t working properly and so I tried to delete the folder from the Program Files. I realised I could not do it so I clicked on the Bonjour Folder and deleted the contents of the folder leaving the empty Bonjour folder. Now when I try to update or install iTunes it says that it cannot remove the older version of Bonjour. I don’t know what to do! I installed the latest version of Bonjour by itself but it’s still not letting me install iTunes. Can you help?

    1. Hi Emma,
      I suspect that when you deleted the Bonjour folder and files, you also deleted (within the files) a component necessary for uninstallation of Bonjour. So now you can’t uninstall Bonjour as normal, and I suspect you won’t be able to Reinstall it either as when you try the system will see that Bonjour already exists – but in such a state that it cannot be updated (no files to update). Therefore the update/upgrade/download will fail.
      ………………………………………………………………………………It may be the case that the Bonjour Application does not appear in Program Files if you go:Start/Control Panel/Uninstall a Program. But will be found if you go: Start/Computer/C:/Program Files.
      ……………………………………………………………………………..Download Revo Uninstaller from :
      Install it. Run it and use it to uninstall Bonjour and all traces relating to Bonjour. It may also be best to configure your action using the filepath of Bonjour.

      1. REVO Uninstaller WORKED!!
        THANK YOU!
        Got the FREE Version at CNET
        Even ‘I’ was able to do it. Just make SURE you click every +subfolder to delete ALL files related to Bonjour.
        iTunes would NOT recognize my iPod however the link showed me exactly and ‘easily’ how to get it to recognize.
        THANKS again to ALL of you who take the time to HELP people just like Me. 3 Loooong Days I’ve been trying to fix this.

  58. I tried various manual methods to get rid of Bonjour components so I could re-intall my iTunes with no luck. Reluctantly, downloaded Revo Uninstaller and used it to delete Bonjour. Problem solved! And now I have my iTunes back and updated. Yay!

  59. This guy is right

    Rob, on November 27, 2008 at 18:37 pm said:
    Ok, the easiest way I’ve seen to bypass this piece of crap, was to extract the itunes.exe using 7 zip or winrar.
    Delete the Bonjour.msi from the list and install.
    Saved my ass from installing it.
    It may be possible on Adobe’s products as well.
    Too bad I have an Ipod, or else Itunes wouldn’t be on this PC

  60. I too had an Apple Update for Safari and iTunes and half way though download and installation got the “Can’t find Bonjour.msi” error. After reading all the comments and replies and trying just about everything here, EPIC FAIL. Although some methods via the CMD reported that they completed successfully, Bonjour remained in my program list.

    RevoUninstaller Worked GREAT ![Thanks to those who mentioned it] Got safari reinstalled and redoing iTunes now.
    I have unlocker too, wonderfully handy program though it wasnt necessary here. [You also might want to check out a program called ExtractNow if you have a lot of zip files such as font zips]

    I don’t have an iPod but I design web sites (Mostly Internet Radios) and I use all the major browsers (including Safari) and all the major media players (including iTunes) to test my designs.

    Thanks for all the info. Got Safari/iTunes updated and running again.

  61. Hi

    I stopped this service but my IE failed to connect to internet. So, restarted it and IE started working.

    Now, my request is, can anyone confirm if it is ok to have this service on (started & enabled condition)? Would this harm by sending any personal / profile info to others? I recently installed Apple Safari Browser too…

    As i read this post, I could not find this service doing anything harmful but would like to confirm from experts.


  62. I just went to “control panel”, then “add remove programs” and uninstalled Bonjour from there. Seems to have worked for me.

  63. I have tried everything and Bonjour still won’t remove from my computer.

    It comes up with “The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.

    Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate pathto a folder containing the installation package ‘Bonjour.msi’ ”

    Any ideas ?

    1. Robyn…. I tried everything too HOWEVER, the ONLY thing I found WORKED…. download the REVO UNINSTALLER. Simply Google it, there is a ‘Freeware’ version so no cost to you. Then using it, (and it’s simple), you can go in and select ‘EVERYTHING’ that is titled or mentions Bonjour. Make SURE you click on all the pluses that open subfolders to get them ALL. I did it a few months back, worked for me FINALLY and not a problem since! Also, here’s a link to REVO, The KIND people on here were good enough to help me yet I had to read through a LOT of these posts. So passing on they’re kindness to me, to you. REMEMBER…. you have to delete EVERY item in EVERY subfolder that says Bonjour. It was the only thing that worked for me.

      1. Thank you for your reply, but unfortunately that didn’t work either, the same message came up again.
        Thank you anyway though.

  64. Bonjour removal is a nightmare .. especially on Windows 7. In regard to the Winsock2 entry it creates, as mentioned in a prior post, be VERY careful to adjust the Num_Catalog_Entries located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\WinSock2\Parameters\NameSpace_Catalog5

    The value shown for Num_Catalog_Entries should MATCH the number of keys listed under the sub-key Catalog_Entries. The keys there are named “00000000001”, “00000000002”, etc. So, if Bonjour’s MDNS* resides in sub-key “00000000007” (as it did in my case), delete that entire sub-key and then change Num_Catalog_Entries from a value of 7 to 6 (since there are now 6 sub-keys not 7).

    As with ANY registry hacks, be 100% certain to first backup your registry. Also, EXPORT a key and its sub-keys, before deleting that key. Preferably, take an image of your system using Acronis or similar tool, as it will be much simpler to restore an image than merely import registry entries.

    1. Forgot to mention … failure to properly set the Num_Catalog_Entries value WILL render Winsock in failure … which will (in the least) render one’s internet connection unusable, as was mentioned in a prior post.

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  66. i need some serrious help!!! im trying to download the new itunes but it keeps saying that it counldnt remove the old version of bonjour!!! what can i do?????

  67. sweetheart509, unbelievable. These posts date back several years, and I’ve not found one fool-proof solution to this problem. I’ll likely transfer all of my iTunes songs, movies, etc. to my other laptop and re-register them for it so I can actually access them, sync them, and use the iTunes store to buy and use more new music, etc.

  68. Hey,
    Just had to reinstall itunes to try and connect a new iPad. Still on XP…
    Anyhow, after reading a lot and trying so much, I found Bonjour on Cnet and it worked. Very easy… Give it a try!

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  114. I got a better idea…Why doesn’t Apple quit auto-installing programs I DON’T WANT by their default, on my computer AND my Iphone..I am sick of all the controlling and restrictive processes by Apple. Your ulterior motives undermine a consumers’ intelligence…..If I want something, maybe Apple can “suggest” it (once), and then leave us alone…Otherwise, the CONSUMER can “ask” for such “optional” processes if they want…Not all of us want all your junk.

  115. You wrote…

    Open services.msc and see if there is a service similar to: “##Id_String2.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762##”.

    I have never seen any entry in Services that takes this format, and have none now. All entries are in English text. I’ve looked under Add/Remove Columns to see if there was a different column I could add to produce this type of string – no. So do you mean Services.msc, or is that a typo? Win7x64.

    Bonjour was installed with iTunes, I need that to allow my PC to communicate with my iPhone 4S, even though it’s jailbroken, so I do need Apple Mobile Service running, but I don’t need Bonjour, and I uninstall each time with Revo. Also with Revo you can run the CMD netstat, and see if it’s still accessing the internet: Tools\Windows Tools\TCP/IP Netstat Command.

    I came here after seeing that Bonjour had started despite it being Disabled. Curious, as I hadn’t yet got around to uninstalling Bonjour, as I’ve just reinstalled Windows and iTunes, so why it was Disabled, I haven’t a clue. Computer people are such dictatorial bastards, and Apple’s not alone by a long way. Just run Autoruns.exe, part of Microsoft’s free Sysinternals Suite, to see just how many of them stuff unnecessary startups on your machine – forget msconfig, it shows but a tiny proportion of what starts up at boot. Google, Adobe, Microsoft, 7-Zip, CrapCleaner, Steam, AMD, Opera, and more all put unnecessay startups on my machine. All are disallowed from starting at boot, and everything works fine. Those that constantly access your internet connection, though, are the very worst offenders.

    I didn’t try the suggestions in the article as I just stop it from starting up at boot using Autoruns, and then uninstall it without problem. I think I have also successfully uninstalled it using IOBit Uninstaller in the past.

    1. Sorry, tired. I don’t stop it from starting at boot, I Stop it in Services and then uninstall using Revo or other.

  116. Does any body have a 2016 fix on how to remove Apple Bonjour from Windows 7 64 bit .I have tried all above and nothing seems to work and today I tried Revco but unable even to find it let alone delete it . I did check on Revcos data base and cannot see ” Apple Bonjour ” but like all the other comments on here I have no idea why they install this program on my Lap Top as I do not down load music or videos . So has someone got a 2016 fix I wonder as most of the fixes on here go back to 2008 .

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