New Office 2007 UI

First, here are some basic screenshots of the Office 2007 programs.

There are so many changes from the Beta 1 visuals that it would be hard to make a complete list, but a couple of the things you might notice right off the bat: the Quick Access Toolbar in the title bar, group titles on the bottom of groups, and the Office Button (more on that below.)

View: Picture This: A New Look For Office (Jensen Harris) | Microsoft Office 2007 System Virtual Pressroom | The New Microsoft Office User Interface Overview

Pictures below…

Click each thumbnail to open a full-size version of the picture.

PowerPoint 2007Word 2007Excel 2007 (In Black)Excel 2007Contextual Tabs (Table Tools)Contextual Tabs (Diagram)Access 2007Outlook 2007 (Send Mail)Office 2007 Button
Word 2007 (Ribbon Only)PowerPoint 2007 (Ribbon Only)Excel 2007 (Ribbon Only)


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