Where is the 80GB PS3 for Europe, Sony? (A PlayStation 3 Story) [Update 6]

I have wanted to buy the PlayStation 3 ever since it came out in November 2006 (USA and Japan). I waited and waited. Then finally Sony released the PS3 in Europe in March 2007. After finding out that Sony had removed the “Emotion Engine” CPU from the European PS3, I was angry. This limits the compatibility with PS2 games on the European PS3 because only software emulation is being used rather than hardware emulation. For some who has a large collection of PS2 games, this is huge smack in the face. Unsure of what to do I waited and thought to myself that this situation is temporary.

Not long after (maybe a month, or two) Sony replaced the 60GB European PS3 with a lower-class 40GB PS3 that completely removed PS2 backward compatibility by removing the “Graphics Synthesizer” GPU, the last of the PS3 hardware. This new “downgrade” also removes the flash card readers, SACD support as well as lowering the number of USB 2.0 ports to 2 from 4.

I then heard rumours that there was a 65nm PS3 being developed. This means a small and less power hungry Cell and RSX chip. This in turn would make the PS3 run a lot cooler. I also heard rumour of DUALSHOCK3 coming to the PS3, which is basically the SIXAXIS with rumble. So I decided to wait (again) for them both.

Currently, I believe you can get the PS3 with the 65nm Cell microprocessor, but I think that the power hungry RSX chip is still at 90nm. Recently, IBM announced that they will soon move the console chip onto the company’s much-ballyhooed, next-generation 45nm high-k process. There are various advantages for this. The SIXAXIS is no longer being produced and being replaced by the new DUALSHOCK3 controller as we speak. All retail packages will include one or two SIXAXIS controllers and/or a DUALSHOCK3 controller beginning on June 12, 2008.

So Sony, when are you going to release the 80GB PS3 with the 45nm Cell microprocessor, 65nm or lower RSX GPU, flash card readers, SACD support and at least 4 USB 2.0 ports? And don’t forget, I will be waiting.

Hope you liked my post. If there is anything incorrect here or anything else, don’t be afraid to drop me a comment. Peace.

Update 1: Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai has confirmed that PS3 Cell processors manufactured since last holiday use the more efficient 65nm technology, while smaller RSX chips are due in the fall (autumn).

Update 2: It seems Sony will be releasing an 80GB PS3, arriving in Europe, the UK, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand on August 27 (with Russia to follow two weeks later). The 80GB PS3 will cost €399 in Europe and £299 in Britain. However, it will only be the “core” version, meaning that it lacks backward compatibility and other premium features above. It looks like we may never get backward compatibility with the PS1 and PS2 back.

Sony what the hell are you playing at! We all want the premium version back, with backward compatibility, 4 USBs, flash card readers, etc.

Update 3: The release date for the 80GB PS3 has been moved from 27th to 22nd August. I’ve ordered mine, even though it has missing features compared to the first PS3s that came out. Also, Play.com are offering a few select platinum titles and Blu-ray titles 2 for £25. Yeah that’s £12.50 each! I ordered Resistance: Fall Of Man and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Update 4: 160GB PlayStation 3 Announced for Europe and North America

Update 5: It seems the new 80GB “Core” has minimal power savings over the old 40GB “Core”, might have 65nm RSX GPU.

Update 6: Joystiq have put together a table comparing the PlayStation 3 SKUs.

Sources: My Own Knowledge | Wikipedia | And other technology websites.

Last Updated: 24-08-2008


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