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Google Chrome – A New Web Browser

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

The browser uses WebKit as the rendering engine and has Gears integrated into it.

A word of advice, it looks much better on Windows Vista and when it is maximised. You might also want to enable the Home button and keep the bookmarks toolbar visible at all times.

Like this:
Google Chrome

One thing I absolutely hate is when you install the product, it adds a startup entry of GoogleUpdate.exe. So each time your computer starts it runs the exe and it never shuts down. It also does not install in the Programs Folder like normal software programs, but instead at C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local on Windows Vista.

I know that this is beta software, so this may change when the final product is out, but Google don’t add files or services to our startup list, no matter how small. You don’t see Mozilla Firefox doing that.

Overall, it is a very good web browser, but too simple for my liking. It’s hard to keep lots of bookmarks and it doesn’t support RSS yet, but it is very fast. It is also supposed to be more efficient then other web browsers in the way it handles processes and threads. I would not recommend it for daily use just yet. A lot of sites that use advanced JavaScript functions have problems e.g. the new Facebook, so many features to do work, like joining a new group or deleting a comment.

Read the Comic Book to get a better insight into the ideas and features behind Google Chrome.

View: Comic Book about Google Chrome
Download: Google Chrome (BETA)


Five Free Microsoft Betas To Tryout! Including Windows Vista Beta 2!

Here are a few well known Microsoft software betas, that you can get for absolutely free. Previously some of these betas were only available to Microsoft testers, but they recently released them to the general public. Such as, the Office 2007 Beta 2 and Windows Vista Beta 2.

I highly recommend installing the Windows Vista Beta 2 operating system and on top of that, installing Office 2007 Beta 2. This should only be done on a non-productive system. Windows Vista Beta 2 already has Windows Media Player 11 Beta installed along with Windows Defender Beta 2 and Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2. So there is no need to install them on Windows Vista unless a new build is released. You might want to order Windows Vista Beta 2 on DVD for a small fee, because downloading it can be extremely time consuming and Microsoft servers are under a super high load.

Note: This is beta code and should not be used in a production environment or on a main machine in the home. Beta 2 is intended for developers, IT professionals and technology experts to continue or begin their testing of Windows Vista. Before you decide to use Beta 2, you should feel comfortable with installing operating systems, updating drivers, and general PC troubleshooting. Some risks of using beta operating systems include hardware and software incompatibility and system instability. If you have concerns about installing this beta software on your computer, we encourage you to obtain the final release version of Windows Vista when it is available in 2007.

Office 2007 Beta 2: Homepage | Download
Windows Vista Beta 2: Homepage | Download
Windows Defender Beta 2: Homepage | Download
Windows Media Player 11 Beta 2: Homepage | Download
Windows Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2: Homepage | Download