Windows Vista Cursors on Windows XP

After so many years, Microsoft have finally updated the cursors on Windows. They were part of the Windows Vista Build 5465 but don’t worry you use them on Windows XP without problems. That also means they might not the final version. Strangely, they look more like Ubuntu Linux.

Get the new Windows Vista cursors from Build 5465 on your Windows XP machine. There are just a few aesthetic differences. The new cursors are antialiased and have a crisp look to them. The hourglass cursor is replaced with the loading indicator. I’ve included a screenshot of the cursors below.

Download: Windows Vista Build 5465 Cursors
Source: Alan Le

Vista Cursors

Here is the update to Windows Vista RC1 Build 5600 Cursers: Neowin.

UPDATE: Since this page get quite a lot of view each day, I have decided to post the Windows Vista RTM Cursors. These are the final versions, the ones in the Vista you can buy. So here they are:

Note: Not all the cursors are in here, and have to be manually installed.

So I recommend this: (165 KB). These are Windows Vista RC1 Build 5600 Cursors. Contains all the icons, plus the shadows and is easy to install.


10 thoughts on “Windows Vista Cursors on Windows XP”

  1. Right click – save image as – and after that you will copy the images in C:/Windows/Cursors, and after that from Control Panel you will select the one you want.

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