Get Your Office 2007 Beta 2 Today!

I might try Office 2007 together with Windows Vista, just like him. Since, I’m a beta tester for both, it will interesting.

Today’s the big day–I’m so pleased to announce that as of right now, you can download Office 2007 Beta 2 from the Office preview site at

Click the button marked “Try it!” and enter a few pieces of information, and you’re on your way. I tried it out and was downloading in about 3 minutes from the time I clicked the button. (Whoops, I hope I didn’t take someone’s spot…)

The best way to experience the new user interface is simply to try it. No matter what you think of the screenshots you’ve seen or what I’ve written here, consider giving it a test drive for a few weeks. I hope you won’t want to go back to your current version of Office.

Beta 2 isn’t perfect, but it’s proven a great platform for my day-to-day work over the last month. In fact, last weekend I upgraded my home computer to Windows Vista Beta 2 + Office 2007 Beta 2, and I’m writing this post right now using both of them.

Go get it–and spread the word.

You heard him, spread the word!

At the time of writing this I couldn’t download it, guess there must have been to much demand, even for Microsoft.


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