Pro Evolution Soccer Management Out March 24, Only On PS2!

Konami revitalised console soccer with its Pro Evolution Soccer series, similarly Pro Evolution Soccer Management finds new ways to engage all you wannabe coaches. It is an absorbing strategy title that will continually surprise you with its level of detail, and has the unique advantage of being compatible with Pro Evolution Soccer 5. If you think your Master League team is precious now, imagine the possibilities as you exchange team data between PES Management to develop the ultimate team!

There’s a depth of information within Pro Evolution Soccer Management that is sure to impress all football statisticians. However the menu system used to ‘work the magic’ is carefully designed so as not to alarm anyone seeking an uncomplicated approach: simple, yet effective.

Six of the European leagues are represented, and you may choose to manage any of the clubs within them. All the schedules and regulations adhere closely to those of the real thing from the relevant Football Associations. As a manager, your performance is monitored on the day-to-day running of the club, among other things: deciding on the training schedule and training methods plus the inevitable transfer negotiations (based on Pro Evolution Soccer 5’s meticulous database). To add to the authenticity, every club also expects you to choose the appropriate coaching staff to take charge of specific areas.

Pro Evolution Soccer Management has been produced by Akiyoshi Chosokabe, who is a member of Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka’s Pro Evolution Soccer development team. We hope that this association speaks for itself in terms of delivering unrivalled quality to the field, in addition to a very real love for the beautiful game.

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5 thoughts on “Pro Evolution Soccer Management Out March 24, Only On PS2!”

  1. can you post a site where I can download an updated option file with real badges etc. for use with max drive on playstation 2 please

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